Hayot technology

Starting from May 22, 2019, on the basis of the AIF grant of the World Bank, a seminar-training is being held by the partner organization “Hayot technology”. During the seminar-training, employees of the laboratory “Experimental Biology”, doctoral students, Masters, independent researchers are taking part. On the 2nd day of the Seminar-training, employees of production enterprises (farmer farms and entrepreneurial agriculture) were invited. During the practical training in the laboratory of Experimental Biology, the procedure for working with modern equipment used in the research was demonstrated step by step. This is of particular importance to the researchers in shaping the stages of the research plans they are carrying out for undergraduates. During the Seminar-training and practical sessions, plans were drawn up for molecular-genetic analysis and mapping of plant diseases. It was noted that this would allow the results of the study to be used in the formulation of a strategic plan for its application in production.