A seminar was held within the framework of the project “Modernization of Higher Education” of the World Bank’s Academic Innovation Fund. On March 28, on the basis of the grant of the World Bank’s Academic Innovation Fund, a seminar-training was held at Gulistan State University on “Cluster approach to the development of Higher Education and production integration: Gulistan State University and production integration system under the project plan implemented under the theme “Organization of educational and scientific research“. This seminar was attended by specialists of the standardization Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, director and staff of the Center for testing and certification of the Syrdarya region. Researchers and staff of the laboratory of Experimental Biology, specialists working at the university took part. During the Seminar-training, practical training on certification of soil and plant products of Experimental Biology laboratory, as well as results of genetically modified products (GMOs) analysis was held. Preparation of equipment used in the analysis of products, as well as preparation of documents for attestation and accreditation of the laboratory, were carried out. At close intervals, contractual analysis is carried out on the relevant directions of the laboratory of Experimental Biology (analysis of soil and plant products, GMOs). The participants of the seminar were evaluated in accordance with international standards in the laboratory on the basis of the “global gap” standard. During the Seminar, analyses carried out on the “global gap” standard and their results were presented in a special way visually.