Plant protection

In the growth-development stages of plants, external stress is one of the important factors protecting against biotic and abiotic factors. It is known that 40% of the crop lost in agriculture is preserved in the pest on the basis of means used against insects and 30% against diseases. Therefore, the conservation of plants from the influence of external stress factors is one of the important issues in the agricultural economy. Accordingly, the following research areas were established on the project

2 research areas:

  1. Protection of plants from pests insects
  2. Protection of plants from diseases

In the Laboratory, molecular mechanisms of action of chemical drugs are studied. Based on the results of the study, chemical drugs are selected and dosage of application is determined.

The cases and consequences of the influence of diseases on the growth and development of plants are investigated, preventive measures are developed and protective technologies are created. Studies are conducted in laboratory and field conditions.