Intellectual Property Agency

In connection with the activities of the scientific-practical center will be done followings:

On behalf of the Center the intellectual property agency is filed applications for inventions, utility models, patents for applications in the shortest possible time (which is of great importance in scientific and practical activities).

On behalf of the Center, scientific articles are submitted to foreign and local scientific journals (it is important to define the strategy of the course being conducted at the Center)

Preparation and defense of dissertations on behalf of the Center for scientific research in specialized scientific councils (as a result of the activities carried out in the Center)

On behalf of the Center, innovative projects are being developed by the Ministry of Innovative Development (Applied, Innovative, etc.). These projects will be funded by the Ministry of Innovative Development (grant funds for the project) (it is important to create additional jobs, attract researchers, researchers and doctoral students)

There are 6 international organizations and institutions in Uzbekistan (IKARDA, IVMI, IKBA, BIOXILMA-HILIK, KAKAARI, FAO, JIRKAS). In order to establish partnerships with these international organizations, the roundtable or forums will be offered by inviting them. At the roundtable or in the forum, the agricultural institutes in Uzbekistan will be invited to research centers and laboratories and ministries. (It is important to introduce the center with its activities in the republican and international arena, which is essential for the establishment of international cooperation)

It is desirable for the center to be started with production of stimulants and fungicides in laboratory conditions. The fertilizer produced is also the basis of the innovative activity of the center (it is possible to introduce these indicators and to promote them quickly and promote funds)

It is possible to take part in the Think Doctoral degree program by 2020, based on the existing opportunities and laboratories of the Ministry of Innovative Development. The functioning of doctoral candidates in the center will provide a high level of scientific activity (it is important to bring the center to the institute level in the future)

We need to apply for a scientific conference in the center (at the national or international level) (which serves as a basis for national and international recognition)

It is desirable to organize experimental areas (this allows researchers to engage research institutes)

Establishment of scientific laboratories and provision of relevant instruments will enable the Republic (Innovation Development Ministry), International (World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank and other funds).