Breeding and seed production

It is known that today, the problem of food, the increase in the population, the decrease in the area of arable land, as well as the violation of ecology are increasing the requirements for new varieties of agricultural crops that are being created.

The main objectives of the established research direction:

– expansion and deepening of research on the creation, introduction into production of varieties of corn, cereals and other crops having a new set of high-yield, valuable-farm characters;

– improvement of primary and navel seed, scientific-methodological assistance to seed-growing farms, popularization of Science and advanced experience in the field of selection and seed production;

-deepening the integration of Science and education by creating a base for scientists, senior researchers, master and bachelor students to carry out scientific research;

– different biochemical parameters that affect the cytogenetic causes of anomalous development of various agricultural crops, valuable-economic indicators, the quality of removable products (fiber, grain, etc.) provide practical assistance in determining;

In the direction of this study, 5 sectors operate:

1) selection of agricultural crops, seedling and seed production;

2) general and molecular genetics of agricultural crops;

3) to determine the quality of agricultural products;

4) Physiology and biochemistry;

5) Biotechnology of plants.

It is planned to operate in the following directions:

Create new varieties of agricultural crops that are resistant to biotic and abiotic factors, have a complex of valuable agricultural character,

Development and improvement of methods for the study and identification of agricultural crop biology, crop husbandry and crop characteristics,

Creation of new varieties and hybrids of fruit and vegetable crops and their seeds,

To examine the genomics of agricultural crops for improvement of existing methods in the creation of new varieties and their use in practical selection,

The study of biotechnological methods and markers-based selection in the selection process,

Determination of technological indicators of duragay, varieties and ridges fiber of goose,

Physiologist of agricultural crops-study of biochemical indicators, fertility and moisture,

To examine the diversity of genetic resources of plants in order to improve the quality of agricultural crops grown,

To examine the phylogenetic relationship of species in the world gene pool,

It consists in the study of the genetics of morphological-marker and structural signs of plants and the organization of training courses for employees of manufacturing enterprises.