“Bek Cluster” joint venture

Within the framework of the project ”Modernization of the higher education system”, the work to be carried out on the basis of the contract with Gulistan State University and Bek CLUSTER LLC

The model of integrated activities based on a cluster system between higher education and production will be created on the basis of cooperation of Gulistan State University, Bek Cluster and other partner organizations. BCLLC has a large base in the field of technology of cultivation and processing of plant products and is able to organize the production system on the basis of innovative developments. 5 Educational Directions of the University correspond to the production directions of the BCLLC. According to the cooperation agreement with the University and the BCLLC, 3 innovative projects are being implemented in the production system of the enterprise today, as well as research on 4 practical projects are being carried out jointly on the basis of this enterprise. The research carried out on these projects is attended by University scientists, doctoral researchers, undergraduates, and students. Educational practices of students studying in 8 Educational Directions are conducted on the production bases of the enterprise.

During the visit of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Sirdarya region on April 13, 2018, the decision on the establishment of the “Scientific and practical center for cultivation and processing technologies of agricultural plants”, involving the activities of University scientists and students on the base of the BCLLC , will be an important basis for future researc. On the basis of the applied research carried out on the project, the following results will be achieved:

– Based on the essence of the educational practices carried out on the basis of the CRA, appropriate changes will be made in accordance with the curriculum of 5 Educational Directions;

– On the basis of its internal capabilities on the basis of the ICRC, the laboratories of the scientific and practical center formed in the state partnership (processing technologies of Plant Products, plant and soil analysis, plant selection, plant protection, textile) , as well as practical training in such technoparks as cotton fiber processing, textile, food technology, greenhouse, based on the practical and innovative areas of research carried out on the basis of the activities of researchers and scientists, the Educational-Scientific index based on the cluster model will be established;

– in the future, a large “campus” reflecting the symbiotic structure of educational and scientific production between the University and the production enterprise will serve as an important basis for the restoration;

– the model of “Future university” is formed on the basis of the cluster model based on the educational-scientific framework;

– the Educational-Scientific index, which will be created on the basis of integration of higher education and production, will consist of theoretical knowledge and Fundamental Research (University), Applied Research and innovative developments (scientific-practical center), operations (Technopark and production) bases.