Based on research carried out in the field of laboratory genetic testing, the Fuzarium fungal stamp detection system was introduced.

Based on laboratory genetic research, the Fusarium fungi found in wheat were Fusariumsporotrichoides, Fusarium tricinctum, Fusarium langsethiae, Fusarium culmorum, Fusarium avenaceum, Fusarium cerealis, Fusarium poae. Fusarium fungi were identified. In addition, based on the analysis of wheat germ and cereals containing aflatoxin (Aflatoxin), oxratoxin (Ochratoxin), inducers of fungal diseases or increased resistance to wheat were identified. In the laboratory synthesized inductors with the ability to increase the resistance of fusarium fungi to wheat based on natural compounds. Research has revealed that pereparate affects the expression of genes involved in plant growth and disease response. An in-depth study of the identified unique genes has also been initiated.