Next steps in the Experimental Biology Lab

Opportunities for rapid analysis of plant and soil composition using barcode TEST CUVETAs

Using laboratory equipment and soil composition of TEF CUVETA with the support of GIZ under the EU Fund for Sustainable Development Project in Uzbekistan a rapid method of analysis was introduced in the Laboratory of Experimental Biology which is based on the results of research carried out within the framework of the AIF project. This method determines the qualitative and quantitative indices of more than 20 macro- and micro-elements contained in the sample. Targeted management of plant growth and development based on quantitative and qualitative indicators of macro- and micro-elements are recommended. Based on the results of the analysis, the SMART Fertilizer Management program provides guaranteed recommendations for the “gradual irrigation and fertilization and protection system”, taking into account the biological characteristics of each plant species and variety, and external factors. Proposed recommendations will be developed taking into account the dependence of plant germination tissue, genetic links between soil elements.