Within the framework of the World Bank’s AIF project, a new research direction was established in GulDU Experimental Biology Laboratory

omplex research on selective and cellular engineering, spectral analysis of soil and plant products carried out on the basis of “Plant Biotechnology”, “Plant Resilient Biotechnology”, “Resistant Plants GeneBank” was developed in the experimental biology laboratory based on Gulistan State University. The research direction of the molecular genetic analysis of plants and diseases is based on the study of modern university research equipment (PTsR, Real Time, laminar boxing, electrophoresis, water purification system, etc.) purchased by the University within the framework of the World Bank’s Fund for Academic Innovations. is placed. It is a seminar-training conducted by the specialists invited to work with modern equipment, high level of research. The seminar-training started on June 2 and will continue until 12 June. During the training, the workshops conducted by the specialists are of particular importance in the research of masters, doctoral students and laboratory staff.