A seminar-training on the project” modernization of higher education ” is being held by a German specialist

According to the project plan implemented at Gulistan State University on “Modernization of Higher Education” on the basis of “Academic Innovation Fund” of the World Bank: “cluster approach in the development of integration of higher education and production: establishment of “educational-scientific framework” in Gulistan State University and production integration system”, professor Regel Djohanes (Reckel Johannes) from the University Ofottottingen of Germany was invited During this period, professor Rachel Johannes will conduct practical sessions together with presentations on the use of Germany’s Central Library sources in the on-line system. In addition, a joint project proposal is prepared on the basis of Gulistan State University on the establishment of an on-line center for the use of libraries in Germany and Central Asian countries. The prepared project will be presented to the DGF fund.

On May 21 of this year, the workshop started in the lecture hall of the University. It was attended by professors, teachers and young researchers. This seminar-training will last until 29 May.