IN THE SYSTEM OF SCIENCE, EDUCATION AND MANUFACTURING: Practical Collaboration on Pomegranate Development in Syrdarya Region

On April 26, 2019, with the support of GIZ under the Program of Sustainable Rural Development in Uzbekistan, and the Cluster Approach to the Development of Higher Education and Production Integration: Educational-Based Integrative Project in Gulistan State University and Production Integration System – Training was conducted.

The training seminar began at the project-based innovation center and continued with Asl Pomegranate Farmers’ Field Fields. During the seminar, in the farmers network “Asl anor” of Mirzaabad district on the practical application of the results of a practical project on the creation of biotechnological collection of Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) and technology for obtaining pathogen free seedlings, conducted by the University’s Laboratory of Experimental Biology. A practical demonstration of the training seminar was held on the sown areas of the Farmers Corporation. The laboratory demonstrated the practical importance of testing pomegranate seed germination samples in the laboratory. The training was conducted jointly with GIZ.