About the biology of Podura aquatic insecticide in conditions of Syrdarya region

There are no wings in the springtail. They move through their legs, jump through their hind legs. The 1-3-year-old larvae of the springtails move around. The 4-5 year olds of the larvae also work with their hind legs. The skin of the larvae has a lot of feathers. It is distributed in conditions of wet conditions. Therefore, their larvae are active in moisture-rich soils. The larvae are found in the soft layers of the soil 5 cm to 30 cm. Eggs are multiplied. They put the egg in a 3 cm pit and cover the egg. The larvae are fed with the soil in the soil, bacterial colony, organic remnants of plants, and fungal spores. Podulas and their larvae also move at -5 ° -15 ° C. Frost-resistant. The larvae are fed with bacteria and fungi colonies in the soil, and distributes fungal and bacterial diseases among agricultural plants. As a result, the plant contaminates microorganisms and damages the plant.